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Our Story

Ryroute was named after founder Sean Butler’s brother, Ryan, who was diagnosed with Landau Kleffner as a toddler. Landau Kleffner is a rare neurological disorder very closely related to other disorders found on the autism spectrum. Ryroute is also an extension on the word “reroute” due to the goal of disrupting the current, expensive paths that patients travel over the course of a lifetime of treatments and therapies.

Ryan Butler is an ideal case study as to why there is a need for Tap & Treat. Sean and Ryan's parents spent tens of thousands of dollars on standard, as well as experimental, therapies and medications to help Ryan cope with and improve his disorder. Some treatments worked, and some did not. Parents, just like Ryan’s, with children on the autism spectrum need less-expensive options for treatment.


Chief Problem Engineer


Sean is a proven thought-leader in the customer and patient engagement spaces delivering innovative solutions to large, diverse consumer groups. His experience lies within numerous industries working for companies including MasterCard and Wells Fargo, as well as providing services as a highly-regarded digital consultant. Sean has worked with numerous emerging technologies ranging from payments to healthcare process redesign. Sean’s work has garnered awards and recognition including Colloquy’s Best Loyalty Initiatives of 2014.

Kirby Montgomery

Chief of Experience 


Kirby combines the collective benefits of data analytics and design to maximize product development. With graduate degrees in Strategy/Marketing and Interaction Design, as well as work experience at Cerner Health Software and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Kirby uses his extensive experience with analyzing quantitative data and qualitative research to make UX enhancements, market research decisions and execute content strategy.

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