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At Ryroute, we are experimenting and co-developing different ideas on how to improve the entire therapy ecosystem. 

The following products are in the Ryroute "Lab" being developed through our iterative discovery and build process.

The Therapy Collective

Why should the best elements for a therapy program be scattered online, printed onsite or hidden in your graduate school notes? The "Therapy Collective" is an online library of resources for therapists and parents to build programs and knowledge share around the developmental needs of each individual child (ASD, Down’s syndrome, etc.).  

  • Dynamic library of best practices for baselining a child's development level (e.g. VBMapp, AFLS, ABLL) and specific activities to build individual programs for that child's growth (e.g. fine motor, gross motor, etc.). 
  • Crowdsourced knowledge uploaded and maintained from the strongest therapy minds across the industry, with rankings, measurements and categories to filter down. 

  • Collaboration space for parents and therapists to build images/videos of tasks and activities together ("see link to Tap & Treat product").   

  • Use of algorithms, based on the needs of each individual child, to provide the specialized recommendations on tasks and activities ("think the Pandora for recommended personalized therapy treatment").

The Therapy of things 

Enabling any object in the home to provide activity instruction at anytime 

  • Providing a simple solution to allow therapists and parents the program therapy activities into everyday objects
  • Use in any home, venue, or therapy center
  • Deliver instruction to children to initiate and learn on phones, tablets, smart watches, etc.